Jun. 02, 2020

Cadets and Parents, I hope this message finds everyone in good health and good spirits. We are all missing cadets each and every week. Most of all we missed our ACR on 30 May 2020. As a general rule we would have promotions, awards and our final parade of the year on that day.

This year all of our lives have been turned upside with the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we are not able to hold this parade.

Earlier this spring we mailed out some promotions. I want to clarify what promotions were sent out to some cadets. In CATO 13-02 it outlines what the promotion criteria is. What we sent out were promotions that our computer system (Fortress) identified as eligible. These were, AC to LAC and LAC to CPL for some of the late joiners that were moved to Level 2 and waived through level 1. I am posting here an exert straight out of the CATO that outlines the eligibility criteria:

. promotion to the rank of Able Seaman (AB) / Lance Corporal (LCpl) / Leading Air Cadet (LAC):

(1) participated in the first year of the phase / star / proficiency level training program for a minimum period of five months, and

(2) recommended by the appropriate Div O / Pl Comd / Flt Comd (corps/sqn);

b. promotion to the rank of Leading Seaman (LS) / Corporal (Cpl) / Corporal (Cpl):

(1) hold the rank of AB / LCpl / LAC,

(2) successfully completed year one of the phase / star / proficiency level training program,

(3) participated in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of PO X04 (Personal Fitness & Healthy Living), and

(4) recommended by the appropriate Div O / Pl Comd / Flt Comd (corps/sqn);

All other promotions will not be mailed out. They will be conducted once we resume training in the fall (hopefully). At that time we can all celebrate together those promotions that are very well deserving.

During the summer we will continue to see some fun activities posted online and challenges and updates. Stay tuned. Stay Safe.

Any questions may be emailed to me directly.

Capt Doherty

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