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Air Cadets Celebrate 70 Years

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011
On Thursday, October 13, 12 Royal Canadian Air Cadets celebrated 70 years of continuous community service with a Squadron Ceremonial review by a Member of Parliament and the inauguration of the Dreamflyer Simulation Area, which incorporates  a sophisticated flying simulator.

Reviewing the squadron was the Minister of State for Democratic Reform / Member of Parliament for Edmonton--Sherwood Park Tim Uppal. In attendance was  David Quest - Member of the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Strathcona, Linda Osinchuk - Mayor of Sherwood Park,  Jeff Angel - representing the Officer of the Mayor of Edmonton, Government of Alberta and Paul Nemetchek - representing the Wild Rose Party of Alberta. As part of the ceremony,  Cadets met firsthand the public officials in the reviewing party.

A full gymnasium of enthusiastic parents and sponsors were onhand to hear the dignitaries praise the Cadets and support their activities.

Linda Osinchuk, David Quest, Jeff Angel, Tim Uppal

Left to Right:Linda Osinchuk, David Quest,
Jeff Angel, Tim Uppal
Photo: Terrence Bayrock / Parent Support Group

Once the parade was completed, the red ribbon was cut and the inaugural test flight was undertaken by Minister Uppal, who successfully took off, flew and landed a light aircraft in the Dreamflyer simulator under the careful tutelage of Corporal Harry Bayrock, the first Cadet to be type -certified on the simulator. Each of the remaining dignitaries were then given an opportunity to "fly" an aircraft of their choice.

The Squadron's Parent Support Group held an Appreciation Social where much coffee, donuts and treats were consumed by the crowd. At the end of the evening, each of the dignitaries was given a framed photo of the Squadron commemorating the occasion.

Cadets will be given opportunities to use the Simulator Area as part of their ground school and aviation basics training curriculum. Approximately 75 aircraft are available as selections, including the Schwizer-232 glider used as part of the Glider Pilot Scholarship program.
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