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Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence


1.         Selection Criteria


The main objective in awarding the RCL Cadet Medal of Excellence is to empasize the citizenship aspects of the cadet program. To be eligible for consideration, a cadet must meet the following criteria:


            a.         Participated in a minimum of three community service events, in addition to those supported by the cadet corps/Sqn;


            b.         Enhanced the cadet corps / Sqn through:


                        (1).       co-operation with peers and subordinates;


                        (2).       comradeship;


                        (3).       promoting goodwill and morale within the Sqn;


                        (4).       aiding in the development of group identity and cohesivness;


                        (5).       supporting and assisting fellow Squadron members; and


                        (6).       his/her involvement in the local community.  


            c.         Have met all the requirements of their corps / Sqn Mandatory and Optional Training program in the year of  nomination; and


            d.         Be regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet.


2.         Nomination Procedure


            a.         Each year, a nomination board consisting of the Commanding Officer and the SSC Chairman will review the nominations submitted and one nomination may be submitted to the Regional Awards Committee.


            b.         The Nominations to be considered must be submitted, in writing, to the Commanding Officer of 12 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron NLT 1 February of the nomination year.


            c.         The nomination shall describe how the member meets each of the criteria.


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